Grand Opera House


01904 678 700

Venue rating is good
Picture of the inside of the York Grand Opera House

Take the right turn at the roundabout, not over the river! (if you approach from the east) This place is grand! A very good sounding room.

Excellent house crew (Jim, Magnus and Mark), easy-ish load-in.

Three levels to cover; one box a side should do downstairs, put something small on top to cover the boxes at the side.

On the top level they have a pair of HK something or other, which work ok. In the middle level there is a pair of TOA speakers that also work very well.

Subs in the pit or in the arch next to your full range and you are away!

Head down to the river and turn right and you will find the Sam Smiths brewery pub, which serves a most excellent stout in a very pleasant environment.
The house also has very good laundry facilities upstairs.

Good folk, nice gig.

Just use the