Sunderland Empire


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Venue rating is mediocre
Picture of the inside of the Sunderland Empire

Tricky one, this. 4 levels to cover. Downstairs is not too bad, regular stacks for here but you need something on top angled upwards to cover next level up, straight out and sides- 2 boxes per side works best. You will also need some smallish fills on stage level or lower to get underneath the swept circle sides- you will see what I mean.
For the 2 upper levels a line array would be ideal, but failing that some very long hangs are needed, the difficulty being getting up into the top back rows of seats on both levels- bit of a bugger, but there are 2 x 1 ton points forward of the arch with house motors.
House crew will probably expect you to do your own rigging - safetys etc. They're helpful like that.
The orchestra pit is a life threatening drop of about 12 feet off the front of the stage - be VERY careful with this.  Bear in mind that the advance points are directly over this.
All in all then this place is a f***ing nightmare so give yourself plenty of rigging and setup time. A little ray of light is The Dun Cow just round the corner to the right. Good luck all.