Southend Cliffs Pavilion


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Venue rating is best
Picture of the inside of the Southend Cliffs Pavilion

They've just installed a new EV system in the house, and it's not at all bad. Under balcony delays, rear of balcony delays, centre cluster and left and right columns up and down. Sub bass all along under the stage.
Coverage is pretty good, especially upstairs, but I decided to use my ground stacks just to be sure of it down the sides under the side balconies, and put in the front fills as well. We turned off the 2 lowest boxes of the centre hangs and the left and right downstairs.

This is a really good sounding room.
Southend is a pretty cool place in good weather. Go out the stage door and up the road that is opposite you, and you will find The Cricketers, about ten mins walk away. Very well kept ale and large smoking area. Highly reccomended!
Things are looking up in Southend!

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