Southampton Mayflower

SO15 1GE

02380 711 800

Venue rating is mediocre
Picture of the inside of the Southampton Mayflower

This place is big! Wide, deep and high, you need to be fully prepared for this one.

Fairly good sounding room. NO PASS DOOR TO FOH.

House crew are a bit slack. A  bit of an attitude prevails here. So start early and push your way in and onto the stage.

The good news is that there are house motors here, the bad news is you can't operate the has to be one of the house people who just went to lunch.....

We put 4 msl 4's per side in the air with wide angles and an overall upward tilt, and this worked ok. Line array would be better.

Downstairs on the ground stacks, I used a small speaker on top, angled sharply upwards and slightly outwards-that helped out the front of the circle and boxes. I also hung some small speakers downstairs at the sides, from the house brackets as delays which helped clean it up towards the back. You need the right length bolts for this because the brackets are "U" section steel.

Have fun.

Just use the