City Hall

S1 2JA

0114 233 3740

Venue rating is medium
Picture of the inside of the Sheffield City Hall

This is a big room, and at first sight looks like a difficult task to cover.

Downstairs is lined with shiny plywood and is oval shaped, which sets up a bizarre out of phasey kind of effect around the edges, but don't worry too much about it.
You will need to make a wide-angle coverage stack each side, and put a speaker on top of it angled upwards to cover the sides of the circle.

Front fills are a good idea as well as the stage is so wide. The back of the circle should be covered ok by the ground stacks and the flown stuff, which by happy coincidence are equidistant to that area-
you need to fly a pair of something on the house fly bars which are well positioned to cover the top level. Use no or very little downward angle on these.

The room does improve with punters in, and in the end it's really not too bad. The worst area is downstairs.
Good local crew, but one thing to bear in mind is that anything that has to fly from the grid will have to be put up before you can use the trapeze bars for speakers. This can really set you back time wise, so I recommend an earlier load in time here than the usual. 

Good little pub just down the road, and a Spar shop just around the corner.

Another picture of the inside of the Sheffield City Hall
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