Reading Hexagon


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Venue rating is medium
Picture of the inside of the Reading Hexagon

Strange little gig this one. Wide but not at all deep, downstairs is no problem really but upstairs is covered by a house system comprising 2 clusters of turbo boxes. Although the coverage is ok the worst thing is how much of the downstairs system you hear and how it sounds up there.
The key to this place, like so many, is how you combine and match the up and the down.
Mix position is a pain; right in one corner at the back, so access in and out during the show is impossible. Access is also a problem for upstairs for which you need an electronic key from the house.

Fabrice observed the following;

"Check the SR balcony far side as the second time I was there it seemed more quiet than the equivalent SL."

Steve is your helpful and willing house man.
Found a good pub here; if you go up the concrete staircase off to the right of the stage door, turn right and walk through the market, take a left at the road and on the right you'll see it; good ale in great condition with an extensive beer garden; well worth a visit.

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