Portsmouth King's Theatre


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Venue rating is worst
Picture of the inside of the Portsmouth King's Theatre

This gig is put simply, a f***ing nightmare. From the start of the load-in you are potentially at risk. The dock door is 5 feet up the wall so they put a ramp from there onto your tail-lift if you have one. Extreme care required.
The stage is raked so watch your cases! The front of it dips down and then a row of foot lights stick up out of the floor - take care not to trip into the orchestra pit some 10 feet below!
The PA wings are built over the pit and wobble about like jelly.  Once again take great care when putting gear onto these. One slip and you are in the pit.
There are four levels of seating to cover in this gig, the upper two have one pair of Bose 802s on Formica cafe tables between them, which sound terrible and don't cover the whole area at all, of course.

Suggest you put something with wide coverage capability up there. The lower two levels can be covered by a reasonably high stack with the top box doing the first circle. Fabrice had this to say;

"RPA supplied ground stacks, need ideally a T10 either side mounted on the bars of the upper balcony pointing up at the gallery outer edges to cover gallery and benches."

Incidentally, the gig is in Southsea not Portsmouth.

One to avoid if at all possible.

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