Poole Arts Centre (Light-house)

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Venue rating is worst
Picture of the inside of the Poole Arts Centre- Lighthouse

Extremely reverberant at all frequencies, theatre style concert hall. They have house speakers in various places, most usefuly 4 covering the balcony, which just about work, but you need to get them loud.
Easy load in, good local crew, but this is a wide one and you need to look out for the outside edges downstairs. This is a seriously bad sounding room. There are a few trusses down the room which could be used for a line array, which might be the best way to deal with this nightmare.

The room sounds like a washy mess even when it's full so you'll need plenty of hi mid and top to cut through it come show time. As I said, the worst areas are the outside edges of the downstairs section.

Fabrice made the following observations;

"Very bad PA and extremely lively room, need to hire a desk as the control package is terrible and the compressors useless, also worth hiring a ground stack for the stalls and some front fills, the balcony delays are ok and get the job done but one of them was broken when I was there."

Just down at the roundabout to the right of the front of the gig there is a great boozer called The George with smoking and food. You will probably need this after a day in this hell hole!