Oxford New Theatre


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Venue rating is good
Picture of the inside of the Oxford New Theatre

There are some speakers installed now and more being added soon, with a CL5 house desk.

There are also flying points; If you want to use them you will need your own motors and control, and some upward tilt will be required as the top seats at the back are much higher than the prosc arch.

Line array would be ideal.
This is a surprisingly good sounding room; the only weirdness is that all the bass ends up on the stage instead of out front. Sounds a little strange empty but improves a lot with punters.

Excellent house crew (Jonathan and Sarah.) No parking allowed outside officially although it's possible to leave truck there with a note in the windsceen if you want to risk a ticket. Otherwise it's a very long way to the nearest truck park.

Cheapest car park is marked on the second map down at the Ice Rink.

Just use the