Orkney Pickaquoy Centre   

KW15 1LR  

01856 879 900

Venue rating is worst
 Picture of the seating plan of the Orkney Pickaquoy Centre

Dreadful sounding sports centre with no facilities or crew.
Easy access to big, low stage, but you may have to set up around kids on trampolines and other obstacles.
When empty, the hi-mids and highs rattle around for seconds after, but when the place fills up they just disappear altogether. You need a fairly substantial rig for here because it's one of those places that just sucks up everything you throw at it.
Power can be an issue here as there is one 3 phase socket that gets used by lighting, and not much else as far as I can remember.
The good people of Orkney like their music loud and they will insist on talking all the way through your set; mostly from the two massive bars on either side of this terrible building.