Nottingham Capital FM Arena


Venue rating is good
Picture of the inside of the Nottingham Ice Arena

Empty this place is a bouncy rattling nightmare with a massively wobbly bottom end and searing high mid and top, but when full of punters, it will change to some extent. The bottom tightens up, the high stuff calms down and it becomes more controllable. So worry not.
If you leave anything on the floor, when you come back it will be frozen to it.

Great laundry room with nice big machines that work well.
Free WiFi
The Bunkers Hill pub next to the venue has gone downhill a bit, but I can recommend a couple of other good ones;

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is a great old pub with good ale and plenty of outside seating, and the King William IV is a great little local type pub well worth a visit. The Gingham Kitchen is a good traditional cafe that does a high quality all day breakfast.

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