City Hall


0191 261 2606

Venue rating is best
Picture of the inside of the Newcastle City Hall

Good venue with a happy helpful crew, the place has a Nexo system with 2 pairs up and 2 down. If you're doing speech you would do best to just use the house system with your own front fills and subs.

The downstairs pair near the stage have locked connectors so if you need to use the house system you will have to use these anyway and they will probably conflict with anything you put in as a ground stack.

You will definitely need at least a pair of front fills as the house boxes are very wide of the stage.
Other than that the coverage is even and suprisingly good for the size of the boxes compared to the size of the room.

If you turn left out of the stage door and left again you will find a good sandwich bar and if you continue down that road you'll find a good pub across the junction that has good ale and live music but steer clear of that karaoke!

Just use the