Milton Keynes M.K. Theatre


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Venue rating is mediocre
Picture of the inside of the Milton Keynes Theatre

D&B and various other speakers dotted around the place, all run through a Soundweb (yes, unfortunate). All you need to cover is the immediate downstairs area which is easy, but the house system takes a while to get right; delays, balance etc. The main problem is that there are different types of speaker on the same send, so you just have to go for a happy medium.

This from Fabrice;

"Good install but all delay times needed tightening..."

This place is a nightmare to get around FOH; locked doors everywhere you turn.

The guest mix position is in a sunken pit and just to make it even harder they block off the sides of it as well! There is a highly complex route under the back, ideal for acrobats and limbo artists. The house mix position is in a room on the circle where it is quite hard to hear anything.
Not a great sounding room at all, but sound travels well in it and with the addition of punters it does improve, so just allow enough time to work on the house system.
Bar just round the corner to the real ale at the time of writing.

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