Margate Winter Gardens


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Venue rating is worst
Picture of the inside of the Margate Winter Gardens

Stupid gig. Veeeery wide, stage in the middle of the room. There are house speakers but they are not worth using. The ones you really need for the side balconies are in the right position, but the right hand side has no top end working so don't rely on them.
You need ground stacks to cover a wide area- (min 3 boxes) plus front fills. They will make you stack on the floor rather than the stage for sight line reasons. . A pair of delay speakers for the back downstairs, one each side of the room is a great help. Cable run is a pain.
Be prepared for a very long day in this place. When eq-ing leave as much high mid in as possible, as you will need it when the punters come in.
There is a Wetherspoons  about 15 mins walk along the sea front from the back of the gig.

another picture of the inside of the Margate Winter Gardens
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