Manchester Salford Lowry Centre

M50 3AZ

0870 787 5780

Venue rating is best
Picture of the inside of the Manchester Salford Lowry Centre

How refreshing! A new gig that's actually been designed for music / comedy, as well as orchestral stuff.

Excellent load in (with adjustable height ramp arrangement), nice big stage and good-looking auditorium.

The place sounds excellent, with great stereo imaging being but one attribute. The short slaps that you hear at the back of the room when setting up appear to be intended by the architect, because once everything gets going the sound comes together beautifully, and it's one of the best rooms for uniformity I have ever heard.
UPAs on arch and center cluster & UPMs I think as rear fills at top. All good. Use own system for stalls if wanted.
Altogether, a great gig. Hats off to the architect. 

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