Liverpool Empire

L1 1JE

0844 847 2525

Venue rating is medium
Picture of the inside of the Liverpool Empire

This is no easy gig to cover. You need a few boxes of line array each side and motors, flown on house points to cover the upper part of the balcony.On this occasion I had 1 MSL6 per side and the coverage was not wide enough. 2 bolted together each side would probably have done it, but this place is extremely wide both upstairs and down.
For the lower part of the balcony you will need at least 5 small full range boxes flown from the front truss, one at each end for the lower side areas and 3 in a fan formation (or evenly spaced along the truss) in the middle for the main part of the lower balcony. Tilt them slightly upwards if anything (yes, really!)
Downstairs you will need ground stacks to cater for very wide coverage (at least 3 boxes) and some very capable front fills as well. The place is a struggle so give yourself plenty of time.
Derek is your house man and a lovely bloke he is too.
Great and very obliging house crew but keep your eye on the time.
Make sure you have plenty of level available and also keep as much high mid in it as possible because you will certainly need it later.

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