L3 4FP

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Venue rating is worst

Quite deceptive this one because it looks as if it ought to be ok, but sadly it's one of the worst sounding arenas in the UK. I believe this is down to the installation of glass panels all over the place that provide a host of unwanted reflections to mess you up.

Things sound out of time because of all this, and it won't improve with punters unless they all stand up throughout the show. It's nothing you couldn't fix with a large hammer. Good luck.

Update: Revisited the venue recently and a lot of work has been done on the place in the way of acoustic panelling all around the concrete walls, but unfortunately the effect is negligible because the 3 different lines of glass balustrades all round the room are where most of the undesirable reflections come from. If these were removed and replaced with the usual simple railings I am sure the sound of the room would improve enormously, but sadly the place is still a real howler.