Leeds Grand Theatre & Opera House


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Venue rating is mediocre
Picture of the inside of the Leeds Grand Theatre & Opera House

Well is it the Grand Theatre or the Opera House? Obviously they can't decide.
Quite tricky to find to find the load in, which is a right turn through an archway and up to one of those truck lifts that goes up to the stage level. Over a million pounds spent on that, yet they still have no house speakers.

You need to cover four levels. You can do the bottom two if you put in a fairly high stack each side with a small box on top. It is just possible to fit a pair of cabinets in front of the iron, but you may have to prop them at the front, or you can put them on the forestage and lower it down a bit if you like- it can be set to any height. There are no flying points FOH as far as I can see.

Fabrice made a recent visit and said this;

"Venue hires in a Meyer point source UPJ system which is good, 4 x front fills, and under balcony delays (need to be pointed out to the corners) the gods have a couple of speakers on stands and could really use a bracket to have some uptilt. Also I found it best to point them to the opposite side for good coverage."

Backstage is a maze of corridors you will get lost in.

The room sounds ok but a bit stange- phazey in the middle of each level due I think to the dome shaped ceiling.

Out of the stage door, turn right then left and you will find The North Bar, a great little pub selling good ale.
I say this because after a load in and rig like this, you are going to need it.