Jersey Fort Regent

St Hellier

JE2 4

01534 4496

Venue rating is good
Picture of the inside of the Jersey Fort Regent

Hallelujua, praises be, there is a God! No more the antique Martin system buzzing away in the background.
They now have an EV line array system with frontfills that covers the place evenly. Just a bit strange in the low-lo mid area.

Fab had this to say;

"Good PA  about 5 DB between top zone and lower zone, front fills -1 or so DB, the outer seats right at the front could use an outfill speaker as it gets pretty dull there."

Still a bit tricky getting it right from inside the mixing box, but overall SO much better!
A&H "I Live" desk unfortunately. willing, helpful guys running it all. Rob is your man.
Things are looking up in Jersey!