Hull City Hall


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Venue rating is medium
Picture of the inside of Hull City Hall

This old place is not quite as bad as it first seems.
Helpful house crew, and a truss about a third of the way down the room from which you can fly 4 smallish boxes to cover the 2 levels of balcony. They have a pair of speakers on stands for the balcony sides near the stage which are very helpful.
You need fairly wide covering ground stacks for the stage; I just put everything we had in this time.
This room was built to amplify, and amplify it does! Although it's pretty reverberant, downstairs it's quite true sounding. Upstairs is a bit more of a struggle, but it does settle down a bit with punters in.
Apparently they are installing a new system soon which will cover the whole room, but don't hold your breath!
Wetherspoons is round the other side of the building and down the end of the road.

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