Hanley, Stoke Victoria  Hall


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Venue rating is good
Picture of the inside of the Hanley, Stoke Victoria Hall

This place has changed a lot over the last couple of years. For a start the outside looks completely different; I think they've added a new bit or something, but anyway it's easier to spot from a distance.
The load in is greatly improved (nice n' easy now), and the inside has been well decorated and re-fitted. The best thing about it is the new house sound system.
They have gone to town! Around the sides and back of all the levels they have fitted small but very effective E.A.W. fills hung from the ceilings. These are well e.q.'d and brilliantly time aligned with the stage, making them imperceptible, yet invaluable.


On the most recent visit the house system was all over the shop particularly the roof speakers; some not working, some with blown horns, levels all wrong and not much help from the locals to sort it out. Apparently the venue is due for a period of maintenance/ refit which can only be good news if they pay any attention to the sound system.


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