Halifax Victoria Theatre


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Venue rating is best
Picture of the inside of the Halifax Victoria Hall

I love this place. The house system has a pair of large Turbo speakers for downstairs and the same for the middle level. For the top level there is another pair of smaller Turbo's which would probably be better fed separately.
They also have subs, but you will need a capable pair of front fills and something just to get stuff under the outsides of the circle which is a bit of a dead spot.

This from Fabrice;

"Excellent sounding room, make sure to separate the balcony smaller turbo, add front fills and add speakers on stand for the outer stalls under the circle, timings need to be tightened up for front fills and balcony, then the only bad spot if the side edges of the circle which could also use a little speaker on stand if there is one left."

Great, happy house crew, always a good audience.
Just out the back and up one street you will find the Wetherspoons which always has ale in good condition and a seat outside in the evening sunshine; highly recommended.

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