Glasgow  Hydro

G3 8YW

0141 248 3000

Picture of the inside of the Glasgow Hydro

Fairly recent build next to the SECC and Armadillo, not too bad for a circular room with a domed roof....warm, dry and  comfortable to work in.

The sound of the room has been improved since my last visit by the addition of drapes and covers in certain places, and is not too bad now apart from the low end which still carries on for quite a few seconds.

There are 6 good sounding L-Acoustics house delay hangs installed that cover a good deal of the upper seats although being in a semi- circular arrangement, you may need to check the delay times on the house control.

Good to see that they are working on improving things here but you can't help wondering why more attention was not given to the acoustics of the building in the original design.