Edinburgh Playhouse


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Venue rating is medium
Picture of the inside of the Edinburgh Playhouse

You need to fly at least 2 boxes per side here and you need to get them high!

The back of the balcony goes up for miles and gets pretty quiet when packed with punters.

The circle benefits from the ground stacks to a considerable extent, and a little help from  a pair of speakers on sticks in the royal boxes help it get to the back of the middle section. Then you just about have it covered, although this time I put another pair of Martins on cases on the top level just to get the first few seats at the edges.

These are not necessary if you use a line array, but it's no easy task to get a single hang per side to cover all of the balcony and the circle well in this place at the same time.

One thing to watch is that the stage is very reflective and likely to bounce sound back into the mic, even though the room is quite dry.

Just use the