Dublin Olympia Theatre

00 353 1 679 3323

Venue rating is mediocre
Picture of the inside of Dublin Olympia Theatre

Nothing has changed here for years. A variety of EV boxes around the place; main L&R, Deltamax delays downstairs, MT2 centre cluster (pointing at the plasterwork between the circle and balcony), Deltamax delays on the circle and the balcony, and finally box fills.

They all sound wildly different and will require some careful Eq-ing.
Desk is an Amek Recall which is very old and tired. Outboard eq- ditto. No room in the mix area for anything extra.

They do have a large stock of very good SSE wedges if needed.

Bring a torch as the place is in constant darkness.

Fabrice said this after a recent visit;

"Could really benefit from a remote desktop laptop to control their XTA audiocore then could get some excellent EQ ! Top end is a bit lively on stage / stalls."

Turn left out of the stage door, left again at the end of the lane, and along on the right you will find The Porterhouse which has great ales for sale, smoking area and they offer 20 mins of free wi-fi at time of writing.

Make sure the sound guys know what time you are arriving, or you will be hanging around waiting for them.

Just use the