Derry Millennium Forum

BT48 6EB

028 7126 4455

Venue rating is good
Picture of the inside of Derry Millenium Forum

This place is just inside the walled city; if you see an archway through the wall it's probably through there and just round the corner.

Excellent sounding room obviously put together by an acoustics genius.

Good line array, (Nexo Geo S), control gear a bit dodgy, DBX gates and Drawmer comps.

Charming house staff with indecipherable accents.
Lorcan is your long serving house sound man, he has a DM1000 and a Soundcraft desk which is probably best not used.

Use something as front fills because the arrays only work from 3 rows back.
Check for coverage on the 2 upper levels as the top level is usually set very quiet.

Major lack of coffee on site, sandwich bar over the road shuts at 5pm.

No good pubs to report in the area as yet.-Update- the bar called Sandinos over the road is ok, but no ale.

Just use the