Derby Assembly Rooms


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Venue rating is mediocre
Picture of the inside of Derby Assembly Rooms

Better than my last visit, the house crew were ok, the house system is ok but the patching and processing is highly questionable; each hang of Meyer sounded very different this time, and the outfills and delays weren't working.
You will need your own ground stacks for downstairs.

Watch out for the FOH manager who will allow you to set up your desk and stuff and then tell you to move it all.

Check with Chris before you set up. The desk needs to be where you least expect it to be.
This is a very dry and reasonably true sounding room.
Go out the front stage door, fork right and though the precinct and round to the right and you will find The Warwick which is a good pub with right proper ale and a smoking area. All is not lost.

Just use the