Croydon Fairfield Hall


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Venue rating is worst
Picture of the inside of Croydon Fairfield Hall

This is a seriously bad sounding room and a right pain to work in.

There is a house centre hang of 8 Meyer UPA's which sound absolutely awful and are woefully inadequate to cover the upstairs seats.

Also provided are small delay speakers in each of the boxes, under balcony delays which are ok, and a pair of Meyer wedges suspended in line with the stage at the far outsides. It is worth plugging in to all of these with separate sends to give you level and eq control over them all.

Strking a happy medium balance between your ground stacks and the centre hang is the key to this gig.

I also put a pair of small speakers up each side on top of the stage doorway covers, with blocks under the front, and this helps to fill out the upper sides downstairs. They also help with the coverage on the balcony, so it's well worth doing.

The mix position is a joke, and you have to be a contortionist to work in it. You will see what I mean!

The place has no ventilation and is always like working in a sauna.

Give yourself plenty of time to set up in this ridiculous venue, and celebrate hard when you have finished loading out!

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