Cheltenham Everyman Theatre 

GL50 1HQ

01242 572 573

Venue rating is worst
Picture of the inside of Cheltenham Everyman Theatre

Yes it's one of those places with DO NOT signs on every available inch of wall space, and they mean it!
There is no parking available to 7 1/2 tonners, (even though there is plenty of space and cars are welcome) so expect to have to park in a side street a good ten minutes walk away.

The crew are o.k. but the house staff aren't
It's a smallish but high, standard theatre arrangement with D&B speakers for all areas, though I chose to use only the circle and balcony pairs. Sounds all right but watch out for excessive low stuff around the sides and back, and lo-mid in the gods.
No decent beer in the vicinity completes this miserable gig's write-up.

Just use the