Cambridge Corn Exchange


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Venue rating is worst
Picture of the inside of the Cambridge Corn Exchange

Head for the Queens area of Cambridge, and just before the pedestrianised bit take a right. Follow along and take left at the Crowne Plaza.

The sound bounces off the glass balustrade at the front of the balcony. Worst seats for this are about halfway down the room to the sides.

Parking is difficult here, and although there is an allotted space, it is always taken. Good house crew.

Latest info on this one from Fabrice;

"Excellent system install from L acoustics, fairly lively room but the install covers it well, the stage is really wide and shallow so the monitors are quite far out, midas pro series desk, I managed to get them to separate the flown sub and flown PA so that I don't have to send the voice to the flown subs."

Turn left out of the building and up the road on the right you will find The Eagle which has good ale and a smoking area.

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