Bristol Hippodrome


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Venue rating is medium
Picture of the inside of the Bristol Hippodrome

A good sounding room on the whole, and not as difficult to cover as it looks. No speakers in house at all.

Three levels with side boxes on two levels. In the absence of a line array, a pair of ground stacks without too much width and a small box on top angled upwards takes care of the lower two levels and boxes.

For the top level you will need a pair of speakers on stands, and there are spaces up there for them. Only problem with this is they don't get to the extreme outsides of the top level. Solution would be to fly something from one of the four prosc arch points, which are rated at 1 ton each.

This time I flew one long box above another each side, with the horn at the bottom for the lower one, this gets high stuff up to the back of the first level and works very well.

Listen out for rings on cans that you may not hear from the mix position.
Check out The White Lion almost opposite the front doors, excellent pub, or the one opposite the stage door is Bunch Of Grapes which is ok.
There is provision for parking for one truck only, and Bristol is a parking nightmare.
Have a lovely day.

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