Bristol Colston Hall 


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Venue rating is worst
Picture of the inside of Bristol Colston Hall

The very name makes the average road dog shiver. Bugger to find, awkward load-in, ridiculous PA wing arrangement and so on all go to make this a truly horrendous experience.

From the same family as the Fairfield Hall in Croydon, only slightly better sounding.

There is a house truss from which you will need to fly some fairly substantial boxes with an upward tilt in order to cover the expansive upstairs area.

You will also need 2 speakers on stands, one each side upstairs for the areas behind the truss. Sound like fun? You'll love it!

(Update- used the house system fairly recently and it covered the place well)

Saving grace is an excellent local crew headed by Terry, who will assist you most enthusiastically.

Just use the