Brighton Theatre Royal


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Venue rating is medium
Picture of the inside of the Brighton Theatre Royal

A true theatre in the old tradition, this one.
Once in the town centre, turn right up past the Pavilion and the Dome is on your left. Take the next left and the theatre is on your right. The load in is the next parallel road up so do a right and right again. You should be o.k. for parking a truck; they leave cones outside.
The iron forces you to put the P.A. rather more upstage than you might like. This makes using house tabs tricky unless you have very thin speakers.
There is a circle and two balconies; (four different levels) to cover for sound if your show is well sold. The house speakers are a pair of EV S200 for each level except the stalls. Top pair not connected.(jacks) No delay for top pair. No crew unless requested. Recommend you take some small speakers of your own; there are various lighting bars and things to hang them on.
Plenty of dressing rooms and a great location in town make this gig fun to work in. It sounds o.k. and there's plenty of room.

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