Bradford St. George's Hall 


01274 432 000

Venue rating is good
Picture of the inside of Bradford St George's Hall

Don't be deceived by the appearance of this one, this is a good sounding room on all levels.

Gone are the 4 Bose 802 speakers on the front truss at this gig! They've been replaced by a small central Meyer line array (4 boxes) plus 2 small delays underhung each side on the dress circle and another pair of fills on the top sides.

The house system covers the upper levels well so you just need to cater for the downstairs area yourself.

Not much high frequency content on the centre hang at time of listening.

Fabrice made these observations;

"Good sounding room, the flown PA needs the low mids cut out and high boosted, smaart is handy there, front fills needed just for the centre, the under balcony circle could use an extra row of delays to push to the rear but it's ok without."

Bradford still has a good vibe. Always a good audience.

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