Birmingham Hippodrome

B5 4TB

0844 338 5000

Venue rating is good
Picture of the inside of the Birmingham Hippodrome

Good venue. The truck backs onto a lift and drops down to an amazingly spacious back stage area.

There is a house truss from which you will need to fly 4 medium sized or 2 large boxes or better still a line array X 2 to cover upstairs. It's pretty wide and very high. Assuming you are supplying ground stacks, you will need to put something on top for the benefit of the side boxes and balcony front.

The house has a few delay speakers installed (control 1’s) at the back both upstairs and down, and these can help with definition at the very back when the place is full.
Mix position is in a room at the back of the stalls where it's pretty hard to judge just how loud it is in the room; you may have to pop through the doors a few times to get a better idea.
I discovered a laundry room with working machines, which was handy.
Wetherspoons down the road and over to the right.
Martin was our very helpful house man.
Altogether fine, but allow a little more time than usual.

Just use the