Belfast Waterfront


028 9033 4400

Venue rating is medium
Picture of the inside of the Belfast Waterfront

Not a great sounding room by any means, but not a complete disaster either. It's circular with a domed roof so that's the worst possible combination really. You just need to make sure you have plenty of hi mid and top to cut through the washy nature of this room.

Full D&B house system with enough to cope with any act and the whole room is covered. Bit tricky in the bass to low mid area.

There are 3 stacks per side on the stage and the inside ones will cause you trouble with a headmic unless you make sure the ground stacks are as far forward as possible. Sight lines really aren't a problem if it's just one artist on stage.
Excellent house crew with Phil on the sound, Zak on stage and Oz on the lights.
They have a washing machine and dryer and you will need pound coins for both.

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