Aberdeen Music Hall

AB10 1QS

01224 632 080

Venue rating is good
Picture of the inside of Aberdeen Music Hall

A good line array system, good staff and no parking.
More reverberant upstairs than down, especially in the low mid area, basically a good sounding room despite the reverb time.
The house line array covers pretty much all the room except the first few rows; a small ground stack each side is all you really need, plus a box each side on the far outsides to get right under the balcony sides.
Only slight downside is that the line array is much louder for the balcony sides than the seats at the back upstairs, but I guess you could get this balanced out if you have the patience.
FOH position is a pain because you are always surrounded by punters and you have no way in or out.

Parking for the truck never seems to be a problem.
For pubs, check out The Globe Inn up North Silver Street, which is across the square from the back door. Good ale, food all day, smoking area and great service make this pub well worth a visit.

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